Nobody wants to have bed bugs in their Pomona home. As you may have heard, reports of these particular property invaders in our local area has been increasing. If you’re worried that your home may have these small invaders it’s time to call a Pomona bed bug expert right away.

pomona bed bugs

Our Pomona bed bug experts can be reached at (909) 689-0437.

It is very important that you address this issue should you discover these particular pests in your home. They will quickly begin multiplying and spreading, infesting more than just your bedroom if left untreated for too long. They never go away on their own and simply grow in numbers if ignored.

Bed bugs attack humans, typically as they sleep. They will pierce your skin with their sharp tongue which is used to cut through human tissue to locate blood vessels. Then they will feed for five to ten minutes and then retreat to their hiding spot.

Bed Bug Control Pomona

Most people don’t discover that they have Pomona bed bugs by means of finding the bed bugs themselves. These tiny critters are very good at keeping hidden from people. They often hide in the seams of mattresses and bedding. If you notice any blood spots on your bed then there is certainly a chance you are looking at an issue with bed bugs.  If you’re getting bit at night you shouldn’t rule out bed bugs, but you should also consider fleas or other pests that can munch on you while you’re sleeping.

If you suspect these tiny bugs are in your home, if possible, you should sleep elsewhere while your home is treated and until your exterminator says it’s safe to return. Our Pomona pest control experts are willing to answer any bed bug question you have! Call (909) 689-0437 today to schedule your appointment.