If you’re looking for a quality Pomona termite control exterminator in the Pomona area, then you’ve come to the best place.

pomona termites

Phone (909) 689-0437 if you have or suspect termites on your property.

There are a number of different types of Pomona termites and each one poses a different type of danger to a property, depending upon the kinds of wood it feeds on or where they are located.

Each type of termite will attack your house in a unique fashion. The specific type will govern our extermination treatment. You should call our Pomona termite control experts immediately and schedule an inspection if you have any suspicion at all.

Pomona Termite Exterminators

We will diagnose the type of termites in your house when our professionals visit your house.

The discovery of fecal matter is the most common means of determining a termite problem exists. The feces is small, thin strips or lines.  If you happen to stumble upon this in your kitchen then you should contact us immediately.

The second most common way that people discover termites in their home or property is from the mud tubes termites build. If you discover holes in your wood with elements at the top, or what appear to be mud tubes, then you should contact a Pomona termite professional as soon as possible.

If you think you may have these pests on your property it’s critical that you call us right away to schedule a no-hassle and no-obligation termite inspection. Each day you delay is more damage that these termites are causing. Pomona termite extermination isn’t something you’re going to want to try and do yourself.  Contact one of our Pomona termite exterminators as soon as possible at (909) 689-0437 to get rid of your termite problem.